Consult A Professional About Investment Property Insurance In Amarillo, TX

Learn How to Protect Your Investment Property

Are you looking for insurance for your investment property in Amarillo, TX? Goosehead Insurance - Lisa Link can help you find it. We're a local insurance agency that provides investment property insurance services.

With us, you can find:

  • Insurance plans from many companies
  • Specialized plans like landlord insurance
  • Educated guidance on insurance
For more than 25 years, we've been helping investment property owners protect their property with full coverage. You can trust us to help you select the right investment property insurance for your needs.

What can we help you with?

If you're choosing investment property insurance for the first time, you probably have questions for our team. We'll be happy to answer them.

You can ask us to explain:

  • The difference between appraised value and replacement cost
  • How replacement cost determines your insurance coverage
  • What influences the cost of landlord insurance
  • How each insurance plan can protect your property
To speak with us, call 806-318-9095 right away. We look forward to helping you learn about insurance.